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What functions does this tool have?

You can count the number of characters and words a text has in the easiest way.

Our tool has other functions so you can open files and edit texts in txt format. This tool is very useful for those who work in multiple areas, such as: web designers, media content editors, social media administrators, programmers, students, and for all those who work with texts. Look at the functions that this tool has:

Character Counter Shows the total number of characters in a text. If you are a social media administrator who needs to know how many characters are in your "tweet" or a web designer who wants to know how many characters your tags have, this tool will be indispensable.

Word Counter Shows the total number of words in a text. This tool is very useful for content publishers, since they usually pay them for the amount of words their articles have.

Character delimiter Choose the maximum number of characters you can type.

Text editor Upload and open text files in txt format, edit it and transform the text into UPPERCASE or lowercase. Copy and paste easily.

Find and replace Find words, characters or expression in the text and replace. Remove spaces or replace them. Replace any character, word or phrase.

Frequency counter Character, word or expression frequency counter. See how many times a word, expression or character appears.

Work, edit and calculate the length of texts with CharacterCount.net

What can I do in CharacterCount ?

CharacterCount.net is a page where you will find different tools designed for you to study and work in the most comfortable way. Not only will you find this character counter, you can also find other tools of all kinds.




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